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How many soaked almonds can I eat per day?

5–6 enough.

Because there are so many different varieties to eat .. so ideally consider eating 5–6 almonds enough.

There are 10–15 such food items for health one can ideally consider. So looking at that 5–6 almonds are enough in a day.. US health department some suggested ideally 23–30 almonds .. but I feels that too much. Because .. I feel balance of other food items are to be considered.

From my experience.. I used to eat 3–4 almonds few years ago. Eating more use to give me a lil restless like feelings.. because I already use to eat other good nutritious food items like Protein rich milk.., eggs etc.

That's why I feels 5–6 is enough. Balance food item planning & variety is important to consider.

My view.


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