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Why are cashews so expensive?

VERY SIMPLE. People like me who are cashew lovers!

Of all the dry fruits, my most favorite is cashew! I can afford to buy it and indulge my love for it. So, I buy cashews (the bigger in size they are, the pricier they are, but the pleasure of eating one cashew is that much bigger too!), almonds, pistas, walnuts etc.

Cashews are in high demand and supply is limited. That is the primary reason for their high price.

But, I will share a few secrets with you. If you are in a big city like Hyderabad, there are whole sale merchants from whom one can get the cashews at a cheaper price compared to the retail market.

A still better way is to keep checking Amazon, BigBasket, Flipkart and a few more online shopping sites…and get the cashews at a cheaper price because on some days, the prices drop, then there are added offers by using some specific bank cards etc. thus lowering the price even more.


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